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JEE Main 2013 Question Paper

JEE Main 2013 Question Paper

The examination for JEE Main has been set by the CBSE board and will be kept the same as it was in AIEEE 2012. It will help the smooth functioning of the paper for the students.

There were number of complaints that were registered by the students who were appeared in the examination of JEE Main 2013 that the questions were wrong. The report suggested that the complaints were in both online and offline exam. Now the board has announced that before generating the final answer key of the paper, each question will be verified by the experts. 

The students who have filed complaints have said that the question which were wrong had at least 20 percent of weight age though the exact number of wrong questions in the JEE Main was not calculated due to the unavailability of the online paper. Board however has ensured that every question will be properly checked prior to formulating the answer sheet.

The weight ages were given equal in the question paper to the syllabuses of class XI and Class XII. They say that NCERT concepts were to be applied to solve the conceptual question papers. The overall analysis of the JEE Main 2013 Question paper, it is said that the overall difficulty level of the paper was about average and this suggests that the cutoffs are expected to be higher this year.

The question will be having the objective type questions from Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. All of the three subjects will have equal weight age. The questions will be multiple choice questions having four different answers for each question. There will be only one right answer and this will be marked on the answer sheet given to the candidate. There is negative marking of 0.25 for every wrong answer and leaving the question unmarked will deduct no marks.

It is suggested that the students must follow the instruction carefully before start answering the questions in the answer sheet of examination. Once an answer is marked you can do nothing about it later so read the question statement twice before going for it keeping in view the time allocated for each section. Similarly while marking the answer on the answer sheet; ensure that you have answered the right mark against right number of question. Once you start filling in a wrong direction it will end up in a mess.

There are four different examination sets having the same questions but with different order. The question paper of the JEE Main will be allowed to take with the candidates for those who are appearing for it in the offline mode. The answer can be matched with the answer key as it will be released before the declaration of the result thus it is advised not to lose the question paper after exam as it will help you finalize the result before it is officially announced.

The online students can see a sample of JEE Main examination as well so that they can have an idea about the difficulty level and concept of the exam.

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